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Why does Le Concours De Livingston exist?

Every single day, different basic human needs emerge unmet. Things you cannot conceive. Although they don't make the headlines, thousands of families in southeast Michigan are hurting. And, despite what most people think, there are significant unmet critical human needs throughout Livingston County and the surrounding community.

Through the generous support of our Le Concours de Livingston event, and family of underwriting partners and individual donors, the funds we raise help Love INC member churches to give those in need – our neighbors – a hand up, and much needed hope. Our combined efforts make it possible for much needed help and hope to be provided for over 4,700 adults and more than 2,600 children annually. Read Love INC's latest news article for some real-life examples of the kinds of needs being addressed.

The Human Condition

What Can I Do?

Despite the deep commitment and expansive Love INC network of member churches, made up of hundreds of volunteers and dozens of generous supporters who bring food, clothing, shelter, heat, hope, and healing to thousands of hurting families each year, many basic human needs still go unmet. We need to do more.

The good news is each of us can also do a small part to make a difference.

With Le Concours de Livingston, you can be part of the solution. In two short years, Le Concours de Livingston has become an esteemed social and charitable event in southeast Michigan. In 2011 and 2012, this exceptional effort raised over $200,000 to help meet local needs. The 2013 endeavor will exceed the last two years’ accomplishments by all measure. The quality of all aspects of Le Concours de Livingston will continue to be top-shelf, while we strive to do better, raise more and build capacity in our community. Take a peek at the kinds of ‘wow’ delivered by Le Concours de Livingston.

Event 'Wow' Factors

What Is My Opportunity?

We believe strongly that companies can do good and do well. In fact, in our view the two are inextricably linked. However, we also realize that in the current competitive business climate, it’s not enough to ask companies to ‘be a good corporate citizen’ or contribute merely because it’s “the right thing to do.” Rather, we ask you to support Le Concours de Livingston for these reasons, and because it’s also good business. As you’ll see in the underwriting partner guide, we’ve worked diligently to bring you a smart business proposition that provides your organization real value…while contributing to the sustainability of our community.

To quote well-respected Livingston County Circuit Judge Stanley Latreille, “Every now and then you spot the helping hand that you want to clasp and never quit shaking”. On August 3, 2013 Le Concours de Livingston brings you that opportunity.

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