Heads Or Tails Game; Win Cash or a TV

Loveinc.heartsBecome a part of the Heads or Tails game going on during our Live Auction at Le Concours de Livingston! To play, guests buy a Glass Heart, custom made with the Love INC cross in each one. These beautiful pieces are handmade by Master Glass Blower Annemarie Stanesa especially for Love INC. For only $25 per heart, you can play to win $1,000 cash or a 60″ flat screen TV. Proceeds from the hearts go directly to Love INC. Be sure to ask at check-in how you can become the owner of one of these beautiful handblown pieces. Limit of 2 hearts per person.

Interested in selling these hearts at the Le Concours de Livingston event? Contact Steve Gronow! He’s looking for individuals with outstanding people skills and and who enjoy selling. He will also cover the ticket price of anyone who sells 50 or more hearts, and give a cash prize to the top seller at the event.

For more information, check out all the event details on our website.


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